Client story: Breathe Strong - Perform Better

Gaining an understanding
Meeting new clients and understanding their business goals is always fascinating and Professor Alison McConnell was no exception. Having completed her new book 'Breathe Strong - Perform Better', Alison was looking to develop a new brand and supporting website for the book launch. She approached Ambrose Fox and we immediately set about understanding her aims and objectives for the book launch as well as the future expansion of the Breathe Strong brand.

Defining a brief
Working closely with Alison we quickly developed a project brief, the brand logo and the website design. Following approval of all three, we progressed to developing the website following the key requirements from the brief:
  • Clean and clear layout.
  • Dynamic and engaging animated content.
  • Featured excerpts from the book.
  • E-mail signup facility with instant bonus book material incentive.
  • Direct integration with the Breathe Strong Amazon Store.
  • Content management facility to enable quick updates.
  • Social media integration.
  • Visitor tracking reporting.

Going live
The resulting website went live in time for the book launch and continues to receive increasing traffic from across the world whilst also building a network of subscribers who receive e-mail updates via the accompanying Breathe Strong blog (that was also developed by Ambrose Fox).

With Ambrose Fox's 'Easy' Content Management System (CMS), Alison can make instant updates to the website using a standard web browser at any time. Weekly automated e-mail reports from Google Analytics give Alison an overview of visitor activity including most popular pages and the geographic location of website visitors.

A happy client
Our testimonial from Alison:
Most people who know me would describe me as someone who’s not easily pleased. I expect efficiency, professionalism, and a high level of competence, so Ambrose Fox had a lot to live up to – I wasn’t disappointed. Not only did they take the time to get to know me and my short term plans for my website, they also took care to establish my medium term aspirations for my business. At every stage of the process they struck the fine balance between making me feel supported, and making me feel I was in full control. The service combines front-end creativity, with a high level of background technical competence - I am utterly delighted with the end result, and extremely grateful for the smooth, stress free journey to it. I have no hesitation in recommending Ambrose Fox to anyone – they are a beacon of quality in a sea of customer service mediocrity.
Professor Alison McConnell - Author Breathe Strong - Perform Better

Screenshots from the website


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